Project Church Planter

A “Project Church Planter” is a missionary church planter who plans to relinquish his missionary support and stay on as founding pastor of the church when it graduates to self-support status.

There are many ways to start churches. In the Scriptures, churches were begun by “laymen” who settled in a new location, by church planting teams that moved into a region, or by itinerate missionaries who tag-teamed in various locations.

BMM has seen nearly 100 churches planted and/or developed by career church planters in North America. These are missionary pastors who raise missionary support to be involved in multiple church plants throughout their lifetime. God has used this model all across our continent for His glory.

We believe, however, that even more can be accomplished as Baptist Mid-Missions, N.A. partners with church planters who are burdened to start a church and then stay as “Founding Pastor.”

What are the Advantages of This Ministry Model?

• Full-time missionary support for the project allows more energy and resources to be devoted to ministry focus and follow through to completed mission.

• Support for a single church-planting project tends to be raised quickly.

• Being part of an established international mission agency lends name recognition to the church planter’s ministry and credibility to the project.

• The Project Church Planter is not alone but has a dedicated, determined support team around him as he launches his ministry.

• Experienced church planters are available for ongoing mentoring.

• The Church Planting Ministry Team provides specialized training and assistance with ministry planning.

• A Church-Planting coach will be available to help facilitate the church planter through the entire ministry process.

What Kind of Man Does it Take to Plant Churches?

• Born again – Spiritually mature

• Proven character & testimony

• Adequate Bible & theology training

• Doctrinal convictions and ministry philosophy that are compatible with Baptist Mid-Missions

• Ministry experience that includes: – Personal relationship evangelism – Personal Discipleship – Biblical counseling – Public preaching & teaching – Church leadership

• Biblical attitudes: – Spirit-led humility – Teachable – Cooperative team spirit

• Balanced Spirit-controlled temperament – Driven yet patient and persistent

• Commissioning church & pastor committed to working together with our proven plan to see the work through to completion