Resources for Churches and Church Planters


Y-B-H HANDBOOK OF CHURCH PLANTING is a 656 page textbook co-authored by Roger McNamara and Ken Davis, is available at or at Xulon Press. This book replaces the authors’ former work, Practical Guide to Church Planting.

CHILD SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR CHURCHES addresses the growing problem of child sexual abuse in the church house. It details steps church planters and pastors can take to protect the children and workers involved in their ministries from possible incidents of abuse. This comprehensive 156-page book is must-reading for anyone in church planting and is available at or at Xulon Press.

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Checklist for Church Planters pdf file (252 kb)


How to Write a Church Constitution pdf file (411 kb)


Sample Church Constitution pdf file (105 kb)

MINISTRY PLANNING MADE EASY Ministry planning is one of the keys to developing healthy, growing churches. Ministry Planning Made Easy lays out a biblical basis for planning, the benefits for doing so and the reasons why it is needed. It simplifies the planning process into six easy-to-follow steps to guide you. Knowing where you are going and how you intend to get there will strengthen local churches and will build greater confidence in their leadership.

Ministry Planning Made Easy PDF file (475 kb)

BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL TEAM MINISTRY – A handbook for working together as a team in God’s work, with a focus on church-planting ministries.

Building a Successful Team Ministry PDF File (908 kb)

Building a Successful Team Ministry MS Word File (2.1 mb)

WHERE HAVE ALL THE LEADERS GONE is a 92-page guide for moving people from conversion, to spiritual growth, maturity, ministry, and lay leadership through a four-phase discipleship program. Each level focuses on what you want the people to know, what changes you want to see in their lives, and what you want them to be able to do at that level. A well-balanced discipleship process is the key to developing lay leaders in the church. People flounder and don’t grow unless you have an effective discipling process in place.

Where Have All The Leaders Gone? pdf file (653 kb)

TO MERGE OR NOT TO MERGE – A comprehensive guide for use when considering the combining of two congregations.

Church Mergers PDF file (97 kb)

Church Mergers MS Word file (82 kb)

STEWARDSHIP is one of the keys to developing a healthy church plant. It enables churches to grow spiritually as well as financially. Stewardship is really about life management – how people use their time, talents, treasure, and testimonies. Biblical Principles of Stewardship grapples with the purpose, principles, parameters, promises, period, and programs of a biblical approach to stewardship. This 92-page manual will provide you with information, suggestions, and samples that will help you build stronger believers and a healthier ministry.

Biblical Principles of Stewardship pdf file (1.91 mb)

STARTING THE JOURNEY – Discipleship 101 – the first of a series of discipleship lessons designed to help believers move from the new birth to spiritual maturity to ministry involvement and to lay leadership. This introductory set of six lessons was written for new believers, perspective members, and people who want to explore the claims of Christ. It exposes them to some of the elementary truths of Scripture that anyone wanting to be a follower of Christ should know.

Discipleship 101 pdf file (579 kb)

Discipleship 101 MS Word (535 kb)

CATCH THE VISION – Discipleship 102 – the second in a series of discipleship lessons designed to help people grow spiritually. These eight lessons focus on the local church. They serve as a get-acquainted course for those who want to know more about your congregation. They can also be used as a pre-membership for those who are thinking of uniting with your church. You will find yourself evaluating you own ministry as you move through each session, and will be challenged to improve the way in which you “do church.”

Discipleship 102 pdf file (937 kb)

Discipleship 102 MS Word (721 kb)

Growing in Grace – Discipleship 201 – This third series of lessons is designed to move believers to the second level of discipleship. Here they will learn to “exercise thyself unto godliness” (I Timothy 4:7) by developing seven daily habits that will help them to grow into mature followers of Christ. Just as people “work out” to build physical muscle, so believers need to establish spiritual routines that enable them to be spiritually strong.

Discipleship 201 pdf file (820 kb)

Discipleship 201 MS Word (646 kb)

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